About Fight Ellis

About Fight Ellis: A Resource For Tenants in Los Angeles

Fight Ellis is an informational service created and maintained by Attorney Sean Chandra, a housing attorney and tenant advocate practicing in Los Angeles since 2007. Through Fight Ellis, Sean is dedicated to providing L.A. residents answers to their questions about tenants’ rights, evictions, and the Ellis Act.

Sean’s first client was a retired widow whose landlord threatened her with eviction because she had a cat as a companion animal. Sean represented her pro bono. Even though other tenants in the building had cats, this woman was singled out by her landlord because she had lived in the property for many years and paid well below market rent. With Sean’s help, her landlord backed off and amended her lease to allow cats. Since then, Sean has represented tenants and homeowners trying to stay in their homes, often against powerful landlords and banks.

Whether they want to keep a beloved pet in their apartment or face wrongful eviction by a slumlord or a developer, most L.A. tenants do not know where to turn to get their questions answered.

Fight Ellis was created as a place for tenants to find answers to their common questions, including what to do when you’ve:

  • Received a notice to quit
  • Received a notice that your landlord wants to enter your house
  • Been threatened with an Ellis Act eviction
  • Realized you need to talk to an affordable tenants’ rights lawyer

Frequently asked questions regarding tenants’ rights, evictions, and the Ellis Act can be found here. To ask a question not addressed in a FAQ, or to leave feedback, please send an e-mail to chandra@fightellis.com.

The information posted on fightellis.com is not legal advice. Consulting this website is not a substitute for retaining an attorney to analyze your specific legal needs.